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HYPERFLY’s latest collaboration is more than just a merchandise drop; it marks a significant cultural moment in the world of Anime and the NBA. 

The NBALAB x MY HERO ACADEMIA x HYPERFLY collection marks a new chapter in the history of Anime as it is the first time a professional sports league has collaborated with an anime series. 

The latest young generation of NBA players grew up on anime and brought their love of the artform to the game.  Their worlds collided and released a powerful fusion of heart, strength, honor, and love represented in the first collection brought to you by HYPERFLY featuring MY HERO ACADEMIA’s iconic ALL MIGHT. 

The classic team colors of the Bulls, Lakers, Knicks, and Warriors harmoniously intertwine with the visceral iconography of All Might in a powerful statement that transcends MY HERO ACADEMIA and the NBA. 

Harvested from sun-kissed fields of cotton, HYPERFLY’s tee is meticulously crafted by hand with precision and dedication.  The 100% Cotton Over-the-shoulder Jedi Street Style cut serves as the perfect canvas for All Might.   

Using an array of the latest print technologies never used before in combination, Silicone print, high density print and heat processed texture mapping, the effect is like nothing you have ever experienced before. 

All Might literally pops off the tee ready to ball outta control. 

HYPERFLY + NBALAB + MY HERO ACADEMIA tee is an enduring symbol of Japanese culture and the love of The Game. 

  • 100% Cotton 
  • Over-the-Shoulder Drop Jedi Street cut. 
  • Hand crafted 
  • Printed by hand 
  • Injection mold print 
  • Silicone Print 
  • Hi-Density Print 
  • Woven Jock tag 
  • Oversize massive artwork 
  • Available in Pitch Black, sz S-2XL