Pistons NBALAB x Solepack

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Detroit Pistons. NBALAB x SOLEPACK SP-1.

"Deeeeetroit Basketball!!"

This special edition Detroit Piston NBALAB x SOLEPACK shoe carrier takes packing kicks to the next level- representing your favorite team like never before! A collaborative player camo piece with the NBALAB and contemporary street artist, Billi Kid, graces the cover of our bags. Pack sneakers onto any backpack or our OMEGA pack and rep your team every time you hit the gym, courts or fly around the world.

This collaboration celebrates the original concepts and cultures that has inspired the Solepack journey. Read more about the collab HERE !!!

[The SP-1 is an innovative backpack accessory for storing your kicks during travel. The dual compartments are made of a heavy duty ballistic poly blend and each have a neoprene sole that allows the bag expand to hold larger shoe sizes. The front and back adjustable straps allow you to wrap the bag around most backpacks.  Each compartment has a strategically placed vent to provide ventilation and keep your shoes fresh.]

(*sizing NOTE. If you are a borderline size and wear shoes with wider soles, please size up to the next available.)