The Ultimate Indoor Play Ball®

This all started when our kids were playing with a Soccer ball in the house and breaking things! One sweltering hot Saturday in July, set our family on a quest to create a ball that kids, and parents, could play with in the house. Over the course of five years, this one simple wish for our kids grew a kitchen table hobby into Ollyball®, WINNER of a Toy of the Year, and the Ultimate Indoor/Outdoor Play Ball! Ollyball was awarded two U.S. Utility Patents, international patents pending, and five registered trademarks in 22 countries, including China. All IP is owned by Joseph G. Burke, inventor, owner of VICTURY Sports. Joe and his wife Ellen are Parents to three kiddos who now safely play ball in the house!

It's time to PLAY BALL IN THE HOUSE®!!! Hit it hard, kick it full-speed indoors without breaking windows, marking up your walls, or leaving a nasty bruise! The 12 inch re-inflatable ball, with Patent-pending KrunchCOR®, construction, absorbs the impact from a full-speed hits and kicks.